Thailand Travel & Holiday Tips

Thailand Travel & Holiday Tips for Beaches, Nightlife, Transportation and more

We focus on different perspectives of holidays in the country of smile plus arrivals at Bangkok and other places. Enjoying beaches and islands, outdoor adventure, nightlife and other vacation. 

In Siam as it was formerly known are top travel packages available, no need to run around and get stressed, just book it here and we do the rest. When you arrive in the capital go to a travel agent and a day after you hit the road to south, east, west or north Thailand. There are four more international airports which are Phuket, Krabi, Hat Yai and Chiang Mai. 

Crossing the border via road travel is mainly from Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos, Myanmar is not interesting because of their visa regulations, better take the aircraft to Yangon. 

Some basic country data

Climate and temperature: There is endless summer divided into 2 seasons, it's the rainy from around July to November, which is monsoon times with an average temperature from around 24- 28 C. Hot season is the other months with around 30- 35 C. Almost all parts of the country receive some rain throughout the year while higher located areas such as in the north and west get more rain but it wont effect much your Thailand holiday.

Thailand Holiday
Thailand Holiday in the Andaman Sea at Similan Islands

Holiday to Thailand at Bangkok
Holiday to Thailand at Bangkok
Weather: Is usually excellent for about 8-9 month per year starting from November to May with is full of sunshine and clear or partly cloudy sky, the country is a primarily beach, island and "green" destination. 

Holiday to Thailand are perfect all year around even when there is some rain it's mostly only for a short time only during monsoon from around July to November it can rain for some more days. Considering the fact its more or less endless summer.

Southern Thailand Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Transportation in the capital and elsewhere

Thailand bus travel
Thailand bus travel

The best and fasted transportation in urban areas are motorbikes (scooter with 125cc), they can be rented everywhere for around Baht 250,- / day but it is very dangerous to drive with them because most people don't know about traffic rules and they just don't care. A good alternative in Bangkok would be to take a "Motocyc" taxi and the BTS (elevated train) or the underground. For long distance take the bus, they are in good condition, the roads are also quite good, means a perfect match.

Thailand travel tips with the scooter
Thailand travel tips 
with the scooter
With the speed boat at Ang Thong coming from Ko Samui

Bangkok Airport Tower
Bangkok Airport 

Check in hall at Suvarnabhumi
Check in hall at Suvarnabhumi

Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi
Arrival at Suvarnabhumi

Thailand culture traditional dancing at Pratunam
Culture: A strong influences come from India and China but has it's very distinctive characteristics. The original Thai people which are similar to Shan in Myanmar came from south China's Yunnan.

As elsewhere in Asia people are with very traditional family ties and most are Buddhism. Although in the southern part are plenty of Muslim.

What to wear: Take light wear, since all clothing is quite cheap, it makes sense to go shopping for all what you need after arrival, it might save you overweight costs. Also shoes and other stuff are very cheap.
Phetchaburi Road at Pratunam

When in Bangkok visit Pratunam that's right in the center, that is the biggest cloth market in the country.

Visa: Visas on arrival are valid for 60 days (new since Sept. 2014) and a extension of another 30 days is available at the immigration counter on the airport and elsewhere free of charge. An extension is possible at the immigration offices throughout the country but this is only for a few countries. Transit visas issued from a consulate are valid for 1 month. Normal tourist visas are valid 2 month and can be extended for 1 month locally. But some of this has been reversed and applied again etc. its back and forward almost every month.

Don't overstay it will cost you Baht 500,- per day and if you don't pay you end in the deportation prison, if it expires make a visa run, they restricted this variant sharply in Aug. 2014.

Tourists at Similan islands south Thailand
Tourists at a Phuket Island beach

ATM's: Are almost at every "second corner" in the tourist areas, petrol stations, at the highways, shopping malls, 
convenience stores and other places, which means no need to take lots of money with you or change money. Just fill up your account and pull the Thai Baht out from the machine, be careful about the frequency since they charge a fee for each transaction which your bank will finally deduct, all bank HQ are concentrated in the capital. 

Here is also a excellent place to open a foreign currency account, nobody will find your hard earned money afterwards, just take a debit card, there are many different answers when you ask yourself, what to do in Thailand?

If you are on a low budget tour 

For a suitable lodge try Khao San Road About eating, street food is the real Thai traditional food. If you are a little bit careful you could be on the safe side with it. You would hardly need to spend more than about $ 5, - for the whole day on food,

Especially look first how they clean the plates, fork and spoons, since they don't have running water often they clean the whole day in the same water container, you can imagine what will happen to your stomach afterwards. So check it out first, after it should not be a big problem.

arriving at Bangkok airport
Arriving at Bangkok airport
A trip to the country of smile and arrivals in Bangkok and other places. Rushing to beaches, outdoor adventure or other vacation activities is probably what most travelers are interested. In Siam as it was formerly known are top packages available for this purpose. 

This can be a spectacular adventure and no need much to run around. If you arrive in the capital go to a travel agent and a day after you hit the road, maybe to southern Thailand, read more.

Many men are searching for a companion first to take her or him for the time staying in the Kingdom see Thai girlfriend for that.

Travel tips for gay and lesbians
Travel tips for Gay and Lesbians

The country is extremely tolerant to the individual, people are not shy and wont hide their sexual preferences towards the "three" gender means ladyboys etc. 

That's one of the reason why people from the whole world come over to have some time just to live as they want.  

Amazing Bangkok Picture
Amazing Bangkok Picture

Bangkok pictures show this oriental city with incredible views some are amazing, other trivial and sometimes it's rather shocking since the people have an other thinking pattern and look at many things much different as "westerners" do. 
This is different with the pics of the Chao Praya River and the BTS train on top, read more.

Thai people praying at Ratchaprasong Bangkok
People are ethnically quite diverse, the Thai and Shan of Myanmar came in long time ago from southern Yunnan, China. There are also plenty from south Asia, means India and Pakistan plus naturally Chinese. 

There is a substantial amount of European's and a rather small group of Africans and Arabs. From them Nigerians are the worst, they are heavily involved in drug trade, read more.

Thailand road travel by bus, motorbike, ship, scooter and car is the best within the country. Roads are still quite good, ten years ago they were much better. 

Even into the smallest village is a hard surface asphalt road, ferries carry the people and mostly also vehicles to most islands. Bikes, scooters and cars for rent are widely available at any tourist spot in the country, read more.

Nightclub at Phuket Town
Nightclub at Phuket Town

Tiger a go-go in Patong
Tiger a go-go in Patong


Here are individual tours tailored for travelers who want a special touch

Check it out you will find one you like there is a wide spectrum.

Here are, among other, some day trips and short journeys close to Bangkok in Kanchanaburi west from Bangkok around the Bridge over the River Kwai and National Parks with one of the most scenic waterfall in Thailand, the Erawan Falls and some more within a short distance. Since the roads in the province are quite good and a four lane motorway connects to the capital the is are ideal side trips into jungle with comfort from the capital. 

Just check and click from you PC or mobile device and we pick you up, just like that.

Book Transfers from your Mobile phone

Tours In and around Bangkok

Explore! Klong Toey Slums Of Bangkok 
4 Days RV River Kwai Cruise (downstream) 
River Kwai With Elephant Safari & Bamboo Rafting

Here is the North

Golden Triangle & Tribe Villages 
5 Days Golden Triangle Tour Package 
City & Temples incl. Doi Suthep  (Chiang Mai & Mountain)
Elephant Riding And Bamboo Rafting(Full Day incl. ... 

Adventure north of Chiang Mai

6 Days 4WD Safari & River Rafting 
5 Days Selfdrive Golden Triangle Explorer

and here the south east with Koh Chang

Elephant Trekking 

and to the south

5 Days Southern Explorer

At Koh Tao

Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan incl.  Lunch

In Koh Samui

Jungle Safari With Elephant Trekking

In Phuket

Phuket City Tour

In Koh Yao

4 Days Honeymoon Package at The Paradise Koh Yao


Girls Pictures

Girls Pictures from different SEA Asian Countries 

Here are plenty of pictures of Thai and other SEA girls. Not all are beauties but most look quite pretty, what they all have in common is most are nice young women. 

The ones working in the night-shift have one more absolute positive asset a guy has a good chance to do something with them, although it cost some money, but what's the problem? When I go to have something to eat also payment is required and that horizontal pleasure is really worth it.

Thai Girls Pictures of a birthday party in Phuket
Thai Girls Pictures of a birthday party in Phuket
Pretty nightclub entertainer

Pink Lady 2002 Club in Phuket

Thai Girls Picture 1
Thai Girls Picture 2
When you see this pics there is no doubt that some of them are real beauties by any means not only in Asian Girls or Oriental Beauties terms. Now why every years millions of single traveler come to the "country of smile", just guess.

Pretty ones at Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Karaoke singer from Pink Lady 2002 in Phuket
Karaoke singer in Phuket
Thai Girls Picture 5Thai Girls Picture 7

Some pretty karaoke singer
Some pretty karaoke singer

Thai girls toy

Plenty of Thai Beauties
Plenty of Thai Beauties from Pink Lady 2002 in Phuket Town

Pretty Thai Bar Girl
Pretty Thai Bar Girl

Nightlife girls at work in Bangkok
Nightlife girls at work in Bangkok

Guess what all this "pretty things" are watching for? Yes, for some "farang" with a big wallet that's the dream of any young lady working in the nightlife business. Actually there are thousands in the country.

Thai Girls Picture 3Thai Girls Picture

The hot stuff for you
Hot girls for you

Kiss me babe
Hello pretty girl

If any of this pretty things from Bangkok tells you the story of the poor one being lured into this and that it is only the start to ask you for money, read more.

Sexy Thai dancing at Danok

Pretty young and sexy at Soi Cowboy
Pretty young and sexy at Soi Cowboy

Freelancer in Pattaya

Sexy at Beach Road Pattaya
Sexy freelancer at Beach Road Pattaya

Freelancer Ladyboys in Pattaya
Freelancer Ladyboys in Pattaya
Here the real naughty ones of both gender are parading in the night, although the majority is quite ugly they always find some people who take them with it's amazing since everyone who know this a bit there will tell don't do this. They are mostly around for a quick hit and run business and the foreigners wake up after stripped of everything valuable.

Naughty girls in  the night-shift
Hot and demanding

Bangkok red light district at Soi Cowboy
Bangkok red light district at Soi Cowboy

Thailand Bus Travel

Thailand Bus Travel is probably the best transportation option in the country

There are various vehicles used for, the biggest are double-decker buses including a on board toilet, next are the single level plus vans or minibuses. 

This is the best travel version in the country if you have enough time, e.g. 12 hours from Phuket to Bangkok (Baht 640,-), 7 hours to Hat Yai (Baht 400,-) 5 to Ranong Baht 260,-), 4 to Krabi, about 14 to Pattaya and so on. What makes this especially attractive are the low prices which come from fierce competition.

Here is the "Phuket bus terminal"

Here is the "Bangkok North Bus Terminal"

The "southern Bangkok bus terminal"

This is "Hat Yai Bus Terminal"

Rest Stops and Service Stations

Great Thailand Bus Travel Tips on H4 Highway
Great Thailand Bus Travel Tips on H4 Highway

Small bus or van

double-decker bus interiorThe double-decker seems to be a copy of a old German model from around 20 years ago but they are working well and are comfortable. There have been a couple of accidents because they copy something but don't know about the use. 

That means they used this monster on small mountain roads which cant go good since they are designed for the long distance highway. It is a continuous problem that people are using anything which is possible but don't understand that at certain times it should not be used.  

Long distance bus

Want to go anywhere beyond Pattaya?

Leaving the stationis difficult, there some buses to Bangkok including the airport leave from different places and everyone of them pretend not to know where a other is leaving in the hope you will take their service although it might needs a half day wait and the other leave in an hour, they wont tell. 

When traveling to anywhere else it needs to get to the main north south highway which is a few km east of the city there are stations from different companies where their vehicles stop, needs a taxi but usually the taxi or bike driver also has no idea where this offices really are.
If you want to go south but the slow way travel to south Pattaya and at the main exit road just stand and when you see a bus coming ask where it goes. They probably will drive to Sattahip and from there take a bus to Rayong were all to the south pass through.

On the highway between Bangkok Airport and Pattaya

stop at a highway stationA more expensive alternative is ask a travel agent to get you a seat on a tour bus to Koh Chang, they leave every day around 8 am and from the ferry jetty there try to get a pick-up to either Trat city or the station for maybe Cambodia or Bangkok.

Painted Thailand Bus
Thailand Bus with artwork

The strange monster vehicle below had a disco in the upper back so people had possibilities for dancing. The pics was captured at a highway station a bit south of Trang city.

Monster vehicle
Monster vehicle
Disco bus south Thailand
Disco bus from Phuket to Hat Yai

With the van from Phuket to Hat Yai Bhat 400,-
From Hat Yai to Penang

Bus from Phuket to Hat Yai
Bus from Phuket to Hat Yai

Bus from Phuket to Ranong
A Pick Up Ride

Here are some long haul Thailand bus travel tips

Road from Phuket to Krabi
Road from Phuket to Krabi
Hat Yai Main Bus Terminal
Hat Yai Main Bus Terminal