Amazing Offbeat Holiday

Have summer this winter visit tropical Thailand.

The country is on almost every traveler's short list because there are not many other spots on the planet offering such an exotic combination of tropical beauty and a safe environment almost every great holiday destination has problems this days

In a Sukhumvit Antique Shop

Although there are continuous problem in the south this never spills over into tourist destinations which makes the place a very safe one for visiting.

Sino Portuguese Style Villas

holidays need travel to Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi

  • Climate and temperature: There is endless summer divided into 2 seasons, it's the rainy from around July to November, which is monsoon times with an average temperature from around 24- 28 C. Hot season is the other months with around 30- 35 C. Almost all parts of the country receive some rain throughout the year while higher located areas such as in the north and west get more rain but it wont effect much.
  • Weather: Is usually excellent for about 8-9 month per year starting from November to May with is full of sunshine and clear or partly cloudy sky, the country is a primarily beach, island and "green" destination.
  • Culture:  A strong influences come from India and China but has it's very distinctive characteristics. The original Thai people which are similar to Shan in Myanmar came from south China's Yunnan.
As elsewhere in Asia people are with very traditional family ties and most are Buddhist. Although in the southern part are plenty of Muslim.
  • What to wear:  Take light wear, since all clothing is quite cheap, it makes sense to go shopping for all what you need after arrival, it might save you overweight costs. Also shoes and other stuff to wear are cheap.
  • ATM's: Are almost at every "second corner" in the tourist areas, petrol stations, at the highways, shopping malls, convenience stores and other places, which means no need to take lots of money with you or change money. Just fill up your account and pull the Thai Baht out from the machine, be careful about the frequency since they charge a fee for each transaction which your bank will finally deduct, all bank HQ are concentrated in the capital. 
Here is also a excellent place to open a foreign currency account, nobody will find your hard earned money afterwards, just take a debit card, there are many different answers when you ask yourself, what to do in Thailand?

shopping is the best thing to do in Thailand here in Bangkok

  • When in Bangkok visit Pratunam that's right in the center, here is the biggest cloth market in the country. Actually all around this area means shopping and as long as someone buys local stuff it's amazingly affordable, read more. 

  • Visa :  Stamps on arrival are valid for 60 days (new since Sept. 2014) and a extension of another 30 days is available at the immigration counter on the airport and elsewhere free of charge. An extension is possible at the immigration offices throughout the country but this is only for a few countries. Transit paper issued from a consulate are valid for 1 month. Normal tourist permissions are valid 2 month and can be extended for 1 month locally. But some of this has been reversed and applied again etc. its back and forward almost every month. 

    Now (mid 2015) they changed again
    , they issue half year multiple entry visa for Baht 5000,- but they cant be used back to back etc. Some more changes has been made and it is the best to have a look here: 
  • Don't overstay it will cost you Baht 500,- per day and if you don't pay you end up in the deportation prison, if it expires make a visa runthey restricted this variant sharply in August 2014. The most popular visa runs are from Bangkok to Cambodia and from Phuket to Myanmar which is, on top of it a interesting day trip anyway. It combines a bus and longtail-boat tour over the border, read more.

A trip in south Thailand

  • A trip to the country of smile and arrivals at Bangkok plus other places. Rushing to beaches and outdoor adventure is probably what most travelers have in mind. In Siam as it was formerly known top tour packages are available for this purpose. If you arrive in the capital go to a travel agent or start your own individual journey and hit the road, maybe to southern Thailand, read more.
A bus journey at night

  • Travel to Bangkok first and start there here is plenty of information about shopping entertainment nightlife hotels it is very diverse indeed, read more.

The combination of mega-cities and the Andaman Sea with hundreds of islands such as Phuket and golden beaches plus green blue jungle is marvelous. High jungle hills and exotic cultures makes every journey a great one, yes and it is affordable. The country has roughly 3000 km long coastline and enough space to make every traveler happy, don't forget the famous Thai Bar Girls.

pretty Thai girls
Gorgeous Thai Girls
Amazing things to do such as real low budget trips are still possible in a functioning environment, no need to run around and get stressed. 

Just read through our website and hit the road to south, east, west or north. There are five international airports which are Phuket Krabi, Hat Yai Chiang Mai and U-Tapao. 

An amazing variety of budget trips are possible, but on the road be verycareful.

Islands are some of the best places to visit in Thailand here ang thong

Crossing the border on the road is from Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos, Myanmar is not interesting because of their visa regulations, better take the aircraft to Yangon.

  • Budget journeys are possible with a bit of planning, it just needs to identify where most of the cost come up, that is definitely accommodation and transport. Places to visit and low priced hotels to stay are many in Thailand. Find through the internet or just visit a travel agent at your destination (don't believe any taxi or tuk-tuk driver on this subject) and ask what they have. They usually have special agreement with lodges etc. and pass you part of the discount for great beach, island, rafting of maybe nightlife holiday, this is available almost everywhere. A very similar cheap holiday destination is Cambodia.

The other is low cost travel which means instead the aircraft take the bus it takes more time but it usually costs only about a third when you hit the road. Since the coaches are quite good and comfortable there are no real negative sides.

A perfect holiday destination is the Tilawisu Waterfall at Umphang it's only difficult to travel there.

Some of the best destinations and places to visit in Thailand.

Here are great holiday and other travel packages for north, south, east and west Thailand which makes it perfect all year around even when there is some rain it's mostly only for a short time only during monsoon from around July to November it can rain for some more days. Considering the fact its more or less endless summer combined with cheap travel means great holiday.

Starting Holiday to Thailand at Bangkok
great places to visit in Phuket Thailand and the Andaman Sea

  • Not low cost at Nai Harn Beach Phuket, there is a high end hotel and some accommodations left and right. This is one of the best beaches on the island. Also it is not very convenient since this a somehow isolated corner on the south west coast, read more.  

Holiday on one of the best places to visit the Similan Islands in south Thailand

  • The Similan Islands are some of the best places to visit in a small archipelago in the Thailand Andaman Sea off Khao Lak north of Phuket. They mainly are known for their beautiful underwater world. But the tourist boom is not very healthy for the area plenty of damage has been done by local boat operators over the years, read more.

Erawan waterfall means low cost travel near the capital

  • Erawan waterfall at Kanchanaburi is probably the most attractive in the country and not far from Bangkok which make it a great day trip destination. Many people from the capital know that and often it gets very busy around, read more.

bus trips to south Thailand usually is in the night

  • Bus travel is probably the best way to explore the country. The coaches come in different sizes and drive to almost any destination, on top of it this is quite cheap. E.g. from Phuket to Bangkok, a 12 hour ride through the night is $ 20,-. The buses are comfortable and make one or two stops, read more.

Trips to south Thailand and elsewhere.

The best and fasted moving around in urban areas is with motorbikes (scooter with 150 cc), they can be rented everywhere for around Baht 250,- / day. Actually it is very dangerous to drive with them because most people don't know about traffic rules and they just don't care. A good alternative in Bangkok would be to take a "Motocyc" taxi and the BTS (elevated train) or the underground.

travel tips for a scooter ride to Chiang Mai

  • Travel tips for a scooter ride to Chiang Mai which is a interesting and cheap country exploration although the weather must be considered, don't do this from May to November since there are frequent showers, although it's never cold it is not comfortable. Anyway that could be perfect holiday travel, read more.

Be fascinated by Thai Orchids and their colors

  • Be fascinated by local orchids the country is the major exporter of this beautiful plants and they have all possible versions and colors. The best is visiting a flower market or even better a orchid nursery, there are many everywhere, read more.

With the speed boat at Ang Thong coming from Ko Samui

  • With the speed boat to Ang Thong is a great day trip, it starts in the morning when the tour operator will pick you up, carry you to the pier and supply breakfast after they turn on their 600 HP and the ride over the waves starts. This trip is almost the best someone can do on holiday on Koh Samui, read more.

Low cost travel for visa run between Ranong and Kawthaung
Tourists at Similan islands south Thailand

Tourists on Phuket Mai Khao beach

  • Tourists on a Phuket Island Beach, this sandy waterfronts are the essence of the tourism in Thailand here are many. The one pictured above is Mai Khao at the north west of Phuket just in front of the Andaman Sea, read more.

If you are on a low budget tour. 

Khao San Road at night and budget travel

  • For a suitable low cost lodge try Khao San Road As it is visible thats a big Beer Garden with myriads of small street shops where they try to sell anything including services such as massage, food, tours etc. actually every local tries to sell something, read more.

Street Food in Bangkok Pantip Plaza

  • About eating, street food is the real Thai traditional food. If you are a little bit careful you could be on the safe side with it. You would hardly need to spend more than about $ 5, - for the whole day on food. Especially look first how they clean the plates, fork and spoons, since they don't have running water often they clean the whole day in the same water container, you can imagine what will happen to your stomach afterwards. So check it out first, after it should not be a big problem, read more.
sexy things to do with Thailand Girls in Phuket

  • What about a pretty Thai girl as a companion when you are on holiday. Could also be a guy as seen below. Since people are open minded there are no problems and it makes your stay a more pleasant one. If you like to change this every day just visit the nightlife spots there are myriads of gorgeous young women, read more

Travel tips for gay and lesbians

  • Travel tips for Gay and Lesbians the country is extremely tolerant to the individual people are not shy and wont hide their sexual preferences towards the "three" gender means ladyboys that's one of the reason why people from the whole world come over to have some time just to live as they want read more.

Amazing Bangkok Picture showing budget travel

  • Bangkok pictures show this oriental city with incredible views some are amazing, other trivial and sometimes it's rather shocking since the people have an other thinking pattern and look at many things much different as "westerners" do. This is different with the pics of the Chao Praya River and the BTS train on top, read more.

There is a substantial amount of European's and a rather small group of Africans and Arabs. From them Nigerians are the worst they are heavily involved in drug trade and cheating people .

cheap travel by bus

Ferries carry the people and mostly also vehicles to most islands. Bikes, scooters and cars for rent are widely available at any tourist spot in the country.

Bus counter for Cambodia at Mo Chit terminal in Bangkok

  • Beside of Cambodia are not many countries around with several road border crossing and most tourists arrive from Thailand by coach. The main destination is Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Another is Koh Kong which has a van link from Trat near Koh Chang. That is a popular Visa Run routing, read more.
  • Songkhla Holiday in the south including beaches, the city, history and some interesting detail. As usual in the deep south the people are victims of mad islamist controlled from neighboring Malaysia who kill Thai Buddhist every day. Their prefered targets are Buddhist monks, temple boys, school kids, teachers and women, you can see what kind of people this are, read more.

Nightclub dancing in Phuket Town

  • Nightclubs in Phuket Town and elsewhere can be a haven for the men. Amazing sexy games are played there every night and everyone likes it since it's natural. Only people who have a strange relation to sexy stuff think this not good, read more
Tiger a go-go in Patong Phuket

  • Tiger a go-go in Patong is one of the best designed club in the country. Somehow following the idea of a natural cave with a few dozen bar cluster where the girls are doing table dancing, read more.

Nightlife girls in Pattaya go-go dancing

  • Girls in Pattaya doing their job very similar to other nightlife areas in the country. What makes it good is all is very compact located in the town center along the waterfront on the beach road where "walking street" is a segment of it, read more

Bus Schedule

A start to almost all destinations.

Travel in Thailand is mainly on the road thats the most important passenger moving. By far more active than air travel or the train and that has a reason.

Prices are low the frequency high and the coaches are quite comfortable and are somehow synchronized, not very good but within one or two hours it is always possible to get a connection on the main through-roads and stations. 

It also works when you are lost somewhere just put up the arm and within a couple of minutes someone will stop either a car bus or whatever negotiate the price before you enter the vehicle. But don't do this if you are a single women also don't do this if a normal car stops and you are single and there is more than one person already in the car.
Bus schedule between Bangkok and Chiang Mai (1)

Click to enlarge.
Mo Chit Ticket Counter
The idea to show the picture above is to indicate the availability of coaches for various destinations. In general when leaving Bangkok for the north, west and east (includes Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar)  it needs to use the Mo Chit terminal in north Bangkok close to BTS Terminal (elevated railway).
But as usual in Thailand nothing is fixed and other are doing again something else which means, at the Khao San Road and the Victoria Monument are small buses (vans) which travel up to a few hundred kilometers. 

Now, also as usual if you ask anyone where they travel to e.g. a travel agent etc. they will start calling around and try to sell you to the van operator who pay most and they put this on top and you will also pay that you just wont note this. 

Now entering the Mo Chit or southern bus terminal. 

bus travel in Thailand
People will approach you to ask where you go and try to pull you to a counter where they get the highest "commission" for. They don't care if there are other which maybe leave more early so you maybe sit around for hours and 10 meters away are continuously other leaving but you don't know it needs to be careful when traveling in the country
southern Bangkok Bus Terminal
In general if anyone approaches you for anything or say they will help etc. be aware that people only do this to make somehow money with you so the best is don't start talking if anyone approaches you since there is a high probability that they try to cheat you. On the places indicated here all counter have signs where it is written where they travel to, just walk around and have a look.  

For any destination south of Bangkok which actually means south of Hua Hin use the southern Bangkok bus terminal. 

To northern / eastern destinations from Mo Chit Coach Terminal

Tel: (02) 936 2841-48,  936 2852-66 ext. 442, 311.
Destination         Duration / Hours / Appr.    Departure several times / day
Chiang Mai 9

Chiang Rai           11
Mae Sot 7

Mai Sai 12 


Pitsanulok             5 


Lampoon 9

Phrae                    8

Chiang San 13

Kamphaeng Phet  5

Sawankhalok 7

Chiang Khong 13

Chiang Kham 11

Tha Ton 13

To the south from Mo Chit

Phuket                  12

Koh Samui           12

Hat Yai 802          17

South Eastern destinations (from Ekamai Bus Terminal)

Tel: (02) 391 6846

Eastern Destinations includes Cambodia

Rayong                 4

Sattahip                3

Sriracha                3 

Chonburi               3

Pattaya                 3   also works via the airport

Bangsan               2

Chachoengsoa     3

Chanthaburi          4 

North-Eastern Destinations

Loei - Chiang Khan 9

Mukdahan 10

Nakhon Phanom  11

Nong Khai  10

Roi Et  7

Sakon Nakhorn 10

Ubon Ratchathani 8

Buriram 6

Yasothon  8

Chaiyaphum 5

Kalasin 8

Sisaket 9

Surin 7

For the southern bus connection use the BTS to Bang Wa and from there take a taxi to the terminal, that is the most efficient way. On the map you can find the BTS below.

Southern Bus Destinations (Sai Tai Mai Terminal)

Reachable via BTS 

Tel: (02) 422 4400-1, 984 6122

Betong                   16

Hat Yai                   13

Koh Phangan         13

Ko Samui                13

Krabi                       12

Langsuang              9

Nakon Sri Thammarat    12

Naratiwat                15

Ranong                    8

Phang-Nga              12

Phuket                     12

Satun                       13

Songkla                   14

Surat Thani              12

Sungai-Kolok           15

Trang                       12

Khao Lak Hotels

Countless accommodation are available including resorts & cheaper apartments. 

Among other are the Orchid, Palm Beach, Paradise, Meridien Resort and others. Since there is no bigger town in the area, only the village at the south end there is no real nightlife available, actually there is one small cabaret style nightclub.

When booking keep in mind the place is quite far off any village, there are some taxis available at the street entrance but this guy's really try to milk you.
The Meridien Resort is probably the best around, a pretty place for great beach holiday.

Meridien Khao Lak swimming pool
If you want to have a look around rent a scooter, up to Baht 300,- per day but be extremely Thailand has one of the highest road accident rate in the whole world. 

A basic rule if you see anyone, person, car, bike, bus or whatever use the horn and make sure they notice, they never care about anything, everyone thinks he or she is the only person in the universe.

Float in the Andaman Sea.

The ideal vacation destination for family holiday, beach vacation and people who want to have a quiet life. Plus naturally scuba diving and snorkeling in the Similan Archipelago

Meridien Khao Lak Beach plus sailerCurrently until the end of the year 2015, the National Marine Park is closed, ordered by the Military government to clean up the place which is an excellent idea.

Since this is not a big place visiting is easy but needs some transportation on your own. Hotels and resorts are between the Andaman Sea waterfront and the hills in the back divided by the through road. 

The closer to the beach the higher the price, the place is really convenient because everything is with a short range. Shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts are perfectly situated in this tropical climate. Close to Similan Marine National Park.
Similan Marine National Park Beach
High season is (as usual) from November to April and but Khao Lak also has a community of long stay foreigners who traveled up from Phuket because it gets too crowded there, in particular after the Russian and Chinese took over the tourist scene. 

Most resorts have lush gardens around the swimming pools embedded in a pretty landscaped tropical environment. If you want to learn more about it make a elephant ride but that needs a tough negotiation this almost all Thai thinks tourists are walking ATM machines.

Meridien Hotel Waterfront.

Visiting Khao Lak hotel and resort with pretty gardens, swimming pools and all what you need. 

When leaving the accommodations the visitors will find a dense infrastructure with small shops and restaurants around this is the ideal vacation destination.  
Phi Phi  Island Panorama

A somehow similar situation is here at Phi-Phi Islands.